Lotus - PetaLs of Light

28 maggio 2013
As the year 2011 opens with a hymn to harmony, so Lotus is born at Mattioli,inspired by the fl ower that symbolises eastern spirituality and ancient Egypt.
Ra is born from the Lotus fl ower bud, and with it there comes Light which enters Chaos, to put everything in order.
As ever a messenger of beauty, magnifi cent in its simplicity, the corolla in its Mattioli display reminds us of the stylised pink gold, white and black that touch one another. In an essential version or in a tighter texture, its design
reveals disks of delicate mother of pearl or elements in coral, turquoise, ivory or red agate paste. A combination of lucid and opaque hues, where Mattioli surprisingly once again reinvents the effects of matter.