Signs of the times

Together: the expert hands of the artisan and digital, state-of-the-art modelling. In the landscape of Italian and international jewelers, Mattioli has grown and continues to develop thanks to a unique formula that combines modern know-how with the refi nement of master jewelers of the 19th century; with innovative fl air this alchemy gave rise to Licia Mattioli’s creativity and her extraordinary entrepreneurial skills which she has been using since 1995 in her role as director of the company.

Established in 1860 as Antica Ditta Marchisio, the jewelry obtained the TORINO’S FIRST PRESTIGIOUS HALLMARK “1TO” which attests it was the most ancient company working in Torino district. The workshop grew and quickly became the point of reference for certain demanding productions commissioned by the most prestigious jewelers of the world.

As a natural outcome of the 150 years of production and project research on behalf of the major maisons came the launch of a new, independent brand.
in 2000 Mattioli was born.
With each new collection, surprises; more people are won over as the brand name spreads and goes straight to the hearts of those women who love jewels, who buy them and see them as alive and dynamic: objects to be worn nonchalantly, like a garment from the wardrobe, an accessory, a color, a self-aware message.

Lotus - PetaLs of Light

As the year 2011 opens with a hymn to harmony, so Lotus is born at Mattioli,inspired by the fl ower that symbolises eastern spirituality and ancient Egypt.
Ra is born from the Lotus fl ower bud, and with it there comes Light which enters Chaos, to put everything in order.
As ever a messenger of beauty, magnifi cent in its simplicity, the corolla in its Mattioli display reminds us of the stylised pink gold, white and black that touch one another. In an essential version or in a tighter texture, its design
reveals disks of delicate mother of pearl or elements in coral, turquoise, ivory or red agate paste. A combination of lucid and opaque hues, where Mattioli surprisingly once again reinvents the effects of matter.