Chantecler, a dip in the Pure Spirit of Capri.

Chantecler. French name, 100% Italian style.
Over 60 years of history in fine jewelry, of seduction and charm, of goldsmith and creativity excellence and passion.
Capri, 1947. The Piazzetta, the Faraglioni, the sea, nature, the villas, the divas… The Dolce Vita was born here.
A natural oasis surrounded by the blue sea, but first of all by the boundless ocean of imagination.
A natural gem whose essence lives in those years enlightened by the international jet-set.
Pietro Capuano, the son of Neapolitan jewelers came to Capri in the 30’s, fell in love with the island and decided to settle there.
Young, very charming, worldly and eccentric, he was nicknamed Chantecler, like the character of the play by Edmond Rostand.
He identified himself so much in this nickname to make it the mark of his jewelry.
Capuano meets in Capri Salvatore Aprea, a young, stubborn and rebellious man and this partnership lasted a lifetime.
From the beginning Chantecler jewels stood out for their extraordinary qualities: each stone is carefully chosen among the most beautiful and pure stones, the craftsmen are among the best in Italy, the forms are original designs fi lled with fi ne lightness. Each jewel is a true piece of art.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Linda Darnell, Greta Garbo.
Chantecler continues to conquer the most sophisticated clientele worldwide.
This tradition surfaces in all of the most fi ne jewelry collections, giving to each customer a daily luxury.
Chantecler creations are masterpieces of fi ne jewelry: each piece is an explosion of colors, imagination and joy of living, synthesis of an unique and timeless style.
Diamonds, pearls, rubies. And even many unusual shades of sapphires. The rarest corals.
Precious jewels, carefully set by the fi nest craftsmen with a precise work that sometimes lasts for many months.

Et Voilà

Et Voilà is a collection of ultra-luxury pure silver and precious stones enhanced by a fine jewelry worktypical of Chantecler.
Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires with admirable workmanship.
The marine specimen, already in the Marinelle collection with gold and stones exclusive versions, emerging from the crystal clear waters of Capri turn themselves into beautiful silver jewelry.

The whale, the crab, the octopus, the turtle and a small fish.
The versatility of Chantecler jewels is shown in the possibility of changing, alternating and combining all charms in many different ways.
One click and everyday an original piece of jewel is created, always different and extraordinarily chic.

The Chantecler Logo collection

The Chantecler Logo collection, has been fascinating the most elegant and famous women for over 28 years is now enriched by Logo Wonderland, the new Chantecler fairytale in gold and precious stones.

An enchanted castle, a magic lamp, a very special pumpkin-carriage… and again, in love with a mermaid and the frog king.
The icons of the most popular fairytales are interpreted with unmistakable style and impeccable skills, creating an unique
jewel, in addition to the famous Gallo, Piazzetta, Faraglioni and other exclusive pendants created for its timeless collection.


Chantecler jewelry, great little miracles of goldsmith’s excellence.

All the charm of fi ne jewelry for an everyday wear.
The Chantecler collections are real masterpieces.
The legendary Campanelle lucky-charm are a tinkling swirl of diamonds, gold, sapphires, rubies, precious and semi-precious stones. Their beauty and versatility have made them collectible jewels.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Campanella Chantecler created the Capri 1947 collection, a collection of important dimensions with the same construction designed by Capuano in 1947.
Entirely handcrafted by goldsmiths experts, the Capri 1947 Campanella is available in three diff erent precious versions, with extraordinary color shades, cabochon, precious and semi-precious stones embedded to create an unique eff ect.
The most joyful and colorful is the one in turquoise, red coral, diamonds, emeralds and yellow sapphires.

A bright and seductive version is the one with moonstones, coral, diamonds and gray sapphires.
The most spectacular version is the one in pink phosphosiderite, purple diamonds and pink sapphires.