the era of the Boom

21 maggio 2013
Modugno, arms fl ung wide open, sang “Volare”, a song that accompanied the start of the boom years in Italy marked by TV advertising, mass purchases of electrical appliances, economy cars on the motorways bound for family holidays, jukeboxes playing 45s by Mina and early Beatles records.
For many people time seemed to fl ash by and Fagnola continued to evolve and refi ne its range of timepieces to keep pace with it.
The shop in Via Garibaldi was restyled according to the architectural canons of the period, with large shop windows, linear, functional structures framed by grey marble, large neon signs, while at the same time the range was expanded to include new brands and products.
And the Via Garibaldi premises was to see several other changes over the following twenty years.
But changes not only concerned the display area: the third generation also entered the scene.