Ervè Fagnola

21 maggio 2013
In addition to an innate talent for timepiece mechanisms like his father, Ervedo (Ervè) Fagnola also had a bent for technological invention, cogwheels that by means of a simple action obtain a great result.
Between watches Ervè never forgot his vocation as an inventor, as evidenced by his drawn out battle with bureaucracy in Italy’s air force administration during World War II concerning his clever “TIME-DELAy SAFETy DEVICE TO CUT A PARACHUTE CANOPy CORD”, a system that would allow the canopy to open even when the primary system failed. But then events precipitated and nothing was done, however, an account of this episode would certainly make a really great short story!
Ervè and Emilia Fagnola at the Milan Trade Fair.
Italy began to rebuild its economic and industrial image after the war in this “magic” setting where every conceivable example of modernity was on show.
A showcase for rogress that was a must for a Fagnola family eager to take on board every new creative and technological development.