Alfredo Fagnola

21 maggio 2013
After classical studies and university Alfredo Fagnola - almost inevitably ensnared by minutes and seconds - had some successful seasons as a rally driver, with outstanding performances in several events at international level.
Then at the end of the 1970s he began his career in the family business and immediately showed he was especially partial to certain prestige watchmaking categories. But also the emerging market for period wristwatch models and, in a more general sense, an all-embracing culture of time, including its interaction with art, sport, fi nance, literature and all the more refi ned and innovative forms of timepiece collecting. And on the wave of this also the Via Garibaldi shop became a stage for Alfredo’s entrepreneurial verve, a setting that his architect brother Ferdinando completely redesigned. An original approach that harmoniously combined Roman archaeological fi nds with a selection of cutting-edge design materials and items from the Eighties.
A welcoming yet at the same time superbly elegant place where stones and ancient architraves form the backdrop for a display area where luxury wristwatch dials and exclusive jewellery fi nd an optimal
setting. This was the period when Alfredo was one of the fi rst to realise the fascination and value of “vintage” timepieces, as a result of which he proposed his personal selection of outstanding models from the most famous brands, pieces that not only represented an investment for the purchaser but also items that embodied stories, emotions and changes in society and fashions.
In this same context there was also a place for the new phenomenon, Swatch, possibly one of the most important examples of mass culture during the latter part of the 1900s, and not only as regards timepieces.