21 maggio 2013
In 1989 Fagnola moved its premises once more and this time the embryo of the new shop was in Via Gramsci, 15, in the very heart of Turin.
Once again the creativity of Ferdinando was employed to design the setting, an extraordinary space that was expanded over the following years to its current size. And not only is it the ideal environment to host the many initiatives, events and celebrations covering the world of timepieces, it is also a rare example of architectural inventiveness. For instance, the entrance is set back at the corner with Via Gobetti marked by an enormous oxidised copper-coated column, there are niche-like shop windows that highlight and enhance items on display and then the superb scenic eff ect of the various interior areas, one of which is the outstanding Library of Timepieces containing many rare editions that can be consulted by enthusiasts. But the Via Gramsci premises is not only a world revolving around timepieces where visitors can fi nd the most representative brands and also sophisticated jewellery.
This is where Alfredo Fagnola, one of the few Italian experts to be accredited by the Fondation De La Haute Horlogerie, pursues activities covering much more than business aspects. Over one hundred events associated with the world of timepieces have been organised, from thematic exhibitions held in the city’s most exceptional mansions to celebrate anniversaries and special occasions focusing on a given model, to special pieces commemorating important dates and events or meetings and debates linked to time and art, culture, show business. A commitment to which the book you have in your hands is by no means a point of arrival but rather a stimulating phase in the march towards new ideas and proposals. Evidence of this is the active involvement of Alfredo’s daughter, Diletta, who has participated in and made a signifi cant contribution to the firm’s initiatives for some years now. Because as numbers and hands demonstrate with their cyclical repetition - always both the same and simultaneously each time diff erent - time is too precious to not be used in the best possible way.
As T.S. Eliot wrote, “Time can only be overcome by time”.