21 maggio 2013
The founder’s professional approach was later boosted by the spirit of his talented son, Ervè, who had fi nished his studies at Turin’s Professional Institute for Watchmakers, the oldest of its kind in Italy. This father-son team remained together for the next three, often dramatic decades, marked by two world wars and periods of political and economic crisis.
And it was on the wave of a collective desire to get started again and rebuild a new country that Ervè and his wife Emilia inaugurated their own second shop in the centre of a still war-damaged Turin at Via Garibaldi, 33, a street they fi rmly believed would soon develop commercially.
In the mid-1950s, just before the economic boom, the Fagnola family centred all its activities on the new premises.
Geremia, with four qualifi ed watchmakers ran the workshop whereas his son concentrated on timepieces, now augmented by the introduction of several jewellery collections. The latter, thanks to the aesthetic taste and talent of Ervè’s sister-in-law, Emilia, whose care and courtesy in dealing with the clientele made her a key fi gure in the company for over sixty years, assisted for much of this time by irreplaceable cousin Anna.