Officine Panerai



Each Panerai watch is as unique as the heritage it embodies. A heritage that has its beginnings in Florence, where Giovanni Panerai, a businessman, craftsman and innovator, opened the city’s fi rst watchmaker’s shop in 1860. A heritage that links every single detail of a Panerai watch to the purpose for which it was designed and made to fulfi l. A tradition which has kept a close eye on the future, through ongoing research for technical excellence which is the main feature of every new Offi cine Panerai collection.
Combining Italian design and Swiss horological perfection, each year Offi cine Panerai – a company of the Richemont Group since 1997 - re-interprets its 150-year-long passion: the creation of high precision timepieces with a strong identity rooted in distinction, aesthetics and function.


The year 2002 was a fundamental date in the history of Offi cine Panerai. In the same year that the company began the development of its fi rst calibre, an important goal
celebrated in its name, “P.2002”, the Offi cine Panerai Manufacture was opened in Neuchâtel, a city with one of the oldest horological traditions in Switzerland. In its own Manufacture, Offi cine Panerai has developed and produced a wide range of calibres of advanced technical content in a period of time which is remarkably short for haute
horlogerie, a testimony to the “Workshop of Ideas” where the past and the future are integrated in a synthesis which today continues to add to the long history of the brand as it renews itself. The Offi cine Panerai Manufacture is spread over several locations but its main headquarters are in a 19th century building in the centre of Neuchâtel. In these locations all the stages which bring a Panerai watch into being are carried out: a watch based on a concept and design which, in keeping with Offi cine Panerai’s
history, will have been created in Italy. Within the Manufacture the following stages are carried out: Technical development, Production and assembly of the cases, Production and assembly of the movements, Assembly of the watches and quality control.


The Panerai trademark is a unique combination of the brand’s tradition, Italian design and fine Swiss craftsmanship. Each new model expresses authenticity, creativity and passion: values renewed year after year in the new Panerai collections and deep-rooted in Florence and in the world of sea.
Each Panerai watch is produced at the company’s Manufacturing Facility in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
Officine Panerai produces, designs and develops the movements and cases for its watches inhouse, with assembly carried out at the factory which is also responsible for the quality control of each and every stage of production. The company headquarters in Milan is where communication activities and product development control take place. Panerai watches are sold exclusively through an International network of specialised authorised retailers and in Panerai boutiques that not only carry all the brand’s luxury watch
collections, but also offer their clientele the exclusive chance to buy limited edition products.